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There is no GPS signal received

    If the positioning situation of GPS is displayed as  Image or Image (last positioning information) on the LCD screen of the camera, you cannot acquire the position information.


    • Depending on the surrounding environment, including indoors, near high buildings, steel tower, or power line, etc., the  position information may not be acquired.

    • When shooting using the GPS function, avoid places that block or reflect radio waves, such as in the shadow of buildings and groves, and use it at places under the open sky, such as outdoors or porch as much as possible.

    • During estimating and satellite search, do not put your fingers on the GPS receiving part. The receiving sensitivity becomes low and may not estimate the position.

    Image [A] GPS antenna part

    When GPS cannot be received, try a solution below.

    In shooting mode, select Setup in MENU, and touch Your Location in Image(General Settings).
    If positioning is not performed correctly, the message “Could not Position. Position?”, etc. will be displayed. Touch OK. Since the other functions are suspended to search for a satellite, the position estimating information becomes easy to receive.

    After position estimating is completed, the position estimating information screen below is displayed.


    [A] Satellite icon
    [B] Positioning gauge
    [C] Received information

    It may take time to perform positioning or may not be able to position depending on conditions such as the location and time of use, even when the information from multiple satellites is acquired.

    You can shorten the time to get the position information by importing the GPS assist data into your camera, using the PC software PlayMemories Home.