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The battery life of the Walkman is short even though it is fully charged. (Walkman NW-A30 series/NW-WM1A/WM1Z)

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Battery life is greatly affected by how the device is being used.

A device that is being used in Radio mode tends to use more battery than a device being used in MP3 mode.

Turn off the Walkman when not in use.
The Walkman does not turn off automatically when playback is stopped. As a result, the battery will be depleted unless you turn off the power when you stop playback.You can save the battery by turning off the Walkman whenever you are not using it.

Turning the Walkman on or off (NW-A Series):
[1]: Power button

  1. Hold down the Image power button for 3 seconds while the screen is on.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to turn off the Walkman.
  3. Release the HOLD function if it is active.

NOTE: The screen will turn off automatically if you do not operate the Walkman for a certain period of time.

If issue still persist, or your device does not power ON after charge, please contact Sony Support