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Frequently Asked Questions about the USB Drive of Auto Media Receiver

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    This article provides general information about the Apple CarPlay™ and Android™ Auto Media Receiver with Bluetooth technology.

    Why is the title of the track playing on the car stereo isn't highlighted on the USB list screen?
    The track currently playing from a USB device connected to the USB2 port isn't highlighted due to the device specification. Tracks are highlighted when you insert your USB flash drive in the USB1 port.


    Content appears in a different order when I insert the same USB flash drive in USB1 and USB2 port.
    This is normal! The USB1 and USB2 ports recognise the contents of the USB device in different ways. Unfortunately, there is no option to change the order of the tracklist.


    Why can't I play video or audio files from the USB device?
    Unsupported video and audio formats won't playback on the car stereo. But, the next file after an unsupported file may also not play because of this. The rest of the files get impacted. If this occurs, try deleting the incompatible file.

    • USB2 doesn't support video playback. For additional information on supported file formats, check the manual.