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I hear loud wind noise from the headphones

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    Depending on the surrounding environment, wind noise may increase in your headphones if the Noise Canceling function or Ambient Sound Mode is turned on. Here's how you can reduce wind noise heard in your headphones. 

    How to reduce wind noise in my wireless headphones? 


    In the Sony | Headphones Connect app, tap Sound → Ambient Sound Control, then select Automatic Wind Noise Reduction. If wind noise is still significant, please set the Noise Canceling function and Ambient Sound Mode to OFF.
    WF-1000XM4 - Screenshot of the Sony Headphones Connect app; the 'Sound' and 'Noise Canceling' tabs are open. 'Noise Canceling' is unchecked (Off) and 'Automatic Wind Noise Reduction' is checked (On).


    • When the headphones detect wind over a certain air volume, the Automatic Wind Noise Reduction feature turns off some of the microphones used for noise canceling. You will notice that the Noise Canceling function becomes weaker in a windy environment with this setting set to on. This is not a malfunction.
    • Automatic Wind Noise Reduction won't turn on if the wind is calm or barely noticeable. 
    • Using Automatic Wind Noise Reduction shortens continuous playback time.


    Open the Sound tab in the Sony | Headphones Connect app. Under the Ambient Sound Control setting, move the Wind Noise Reduction slide bar until you find the optimal position. If this step didn't help reduce wind noise, set the Noise Canceling function and Ambient Sound Mode to OFF.

    WF-1000XM3 - Sony Headphones Connect app; the 'Sound' and 'Ambient Sound Control' tabs are open. The 'Wind Noise Reduction' slide bar is in the bottom part of the screen.


    Turn off the Noise Canceling function and Ambient Sound Mode.