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My smartphone does not work properly when using Game Enhancer after the Android 11 update

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We are aware of this issue and are working on a software fix. 

    You may be facing the following symptoms when using Game Enhancer after upgrading to Android 11. 

    • STAMINA mode cannot be set. 
    • Display High refresh rate cannot be set. 
    • Unable to charge. 
    • Notifications do not appear. 
    • Background apps are closed. 
    • The navigation bar remains locked. 
    • Adaptive brightness remains disabled. 
    • Side sense remains disabled. 
    • The camera key remains disabled, and the camera cannot be switched on. 

    Steps to take until a new software fix is released

    Perform a software update

    Ensure that you have the latest update. Updates usually present improved features and bug fixes.

    To update your Xperia smartphone to the latest version 

    Restart your device

    If your device is already updated to the latest software version, please restart your device when an issue occurs. This is only a temporary workaround until a software fix is made available.

    To restart your device.