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How to connect to Mobile Broadband via Oneclick Internet (Windows 8)

    How to connect to Mobile Broadband using OneClick Internet (Windows 8)

    This article provides specific instructions for the WebToGo® OneClick Internet connection manager for Windows 8. It is applicable only to units equipped with a 3G/LTE Module

    General info on connecting wirelessly to the Internet via WWAN can be found here.

    How to establish a connection?

    1. In the list of programs select 'OneClick Internet'.

    Select program

    2. The application will launch. If your SIM card is protected with a PIN code, you will be asked to enter at this moment.

    Program launches

    3. Wait until the program has detected your network.

    4. Click the Connect button.

    Click connect button

    5. You are now connected. If you wish to browse the internet, you can start your internet browser.

    6. To end up your WWAN connection, click the Disconnect button in OneClick Internet.

    Press Disconnect button

    Note: If you are unable to connect, click the Settings button in OneClick Internet. On the Profiles tab, verify that the correct settings are configured for your network. Contact your mobile operator for more information. For help about OneClick Internet, click the Help button within this program.

    Internet settings overview