Article ID : SX677003 / Last Modified : 27/07/2020

What is Ambient display? (Android 9.0 or Android 10)

    What is Ambient display?

    Ambient display is a feature that allows you to see information such as time and notifications without pressing the power key.

    How do I activate or deactivate Ambient display?

    • Android 9
      ​​Settings → Display → Advanced → Lock screen preferences  Ambient display 

    • Android 10 
      Settings →
       Display → Lock screen preferences  Ambient display 

    Random photos are displayed when my device is in Sleep mode, why?

    You can enable or disable photo playback during Sleep mode in Settings → Display → Advanced → Lock screen preferences  Photo playback. Tap the switch beside Off or On to enable or disable photo playback.

    Note! This feature is not available on Android 10.

    When in a car or on the train, the screen stays on even if I’m not using my device, why?

    If Ambient display is activated, the screen will be turned on when your device detects movement. You can select when to activate Ambient display in 

    • Android 9
      Settings → Display → Advanced → Lock screen preferences  Ambient display
    • Android 10
      Settings → Display → Lock screen preferences  Ambient display

    Tip: To temporarily disable Ambient display you can cover the display or put your device in a bag or pocket.

    The screen stays on even if I press the power key, why?

    If Ambient display is activated, the screen will stay turned on even when your device is in Sleep mode. You can turn off the screen temporarily by pressing the power key. Press the key once to display the lock screen and a second time to turn off the screen temporarily.

    How do I avoid showing all my photos using the Ambient display photo playback?

    To avoid displaying a photo using the Ambient display photo playback, tap Album → [the specific photo not to be displayed]  menu icon (three vertical dots)  Hide.

    I can’t swipe the screen to unlock my device, why?

    You are probably trying to swipe the Ambient display screen and not the lock screen. To unlock your device, double-tap the Ambient display screen to access the lock screen, then swipe the screen. 

    Tip: If no icons such as voice assist and camera are visible at the bottom of the screen, you are looking at the Ambient display screen and not the lock screen.

    The Ambient display screen isn't turned on even if Ambient display is activated, why?

    If STAMINA mode is activated it restricts Ambient display in order to reduce battery consumption. You can check if STAMINA mode is activated in Settings → Battery → STAMINA mode.