red metal pier stretching out to the sea with seagulls flying over
Burak Barutçu

Burak Barutçu | Turkey

"Less is more"

Burak Barutçu, born in 1979, has over 15 years of experience as a cinematographer and director and his resume includes TV commercial , fashion, music videos and awarded short films. He is an expert on time lapse videos and the production of time lapse equipment, thanks to his background as an engineer. His time lapse work for cinema and television takes him all over the world and he has recently been a part of the production of documentary filming for Turkish Radio Television. Eager to share his passion for technology, he has been making a radio program about new technology every week for TRT Radyo since 2010 and teaching digital photography in İFSAK since 2005. Barutçu is also the co-founder of ‘8 interactions and productions’ with friends who love to work together.

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