grey owl gracefully flying and masked by green foliage
Floris Smeets

Floris Smeets | Norway

"The constant change in nature makes nature photography so attractive. You can visit the same location every day and still come back with a different image every single time"

Floris is an educated ecologist who moved from the Netherlands to Norway to pursue his dreams. He has been a professional nature photographer since 2014, using the Norwegian landscape as his playground, and focusing mainly on wildlife and landscapes. He respects nature and thinks it is of great importance that pictures are taken in natural situations without disturbing the wildlife or altering the scenery. With his images he tries to capture the natural beauty in a way that it is not just a captured moment, but that it tells a story. His knowledge of nature, his patience and persistence are the key to his success. So far, his work has been featured nationally and internationally in magazines, newspapers and exhibitions. Next to his own photography, Floris runs photo workshops, photo tours and photo courses in nature and wildlife photography.

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