lady holding cello by the sea panoramic
Kaupo Kikkas

Kaupo Kikkas | Estonia

"Work hard and love what you do, everything else will follow"

Kaupo Kikkas is an Estonian music and fine art photographer. He received formal training in photography at Finland’s Visual Arts Institute, but he attributes his award-winning classical music portraits to his education in that field (clarinet, sax, and voice). He has concentrated on fine art photography for twelve years and although based in Northern Europe, he frequently works in London, Berlin and in the US, along with annual projects in the Amazon rainforest. His personal projects include a study of graveyards, a portrait series of shale miners, and images of a lost cinema in the Egyptian desert, which received wide exposure in the international media. He has photographed a number of book- and classical music album covers, and his work often appears in magazines. He was named best commercial portrait photographer at the WPPI Las Vegas 16×20 print competition in 2013, and was honoured as the best Estonian portrait photographer in 2011 (Baltic’s Photography Festival). When not working he can be found camping (and photographing) in Lapland. He occasionally still picks up a saxophone and, after a few drinks, has been known to sing.

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