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Uğur Umay

Uğur Umay | Turkey

"The superior technology of Sony cameras and my artistic vision come together to lay the foundation for the quality in my work. Sony's innovative approaches coincide with my philosophy on life."

Uğur Umay started his art career at a very young age thanks to his family's artistic background. With the support of his musician father, he completed his musical education on 'Percussion Instruments and Jazz Music.' In the field of Visual Arts, which he started at an early age in parallel with his musical life, he worked in charcoal painting, caricature, calligraphy, and typography and has won degrees in numerous competitions. His photographic adventure began in 2005 and Uğur has taken part in over 30 group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions, presentations, and seminars on 'Digital Art' works. His works in this field are included in the collections and archives of many art galleries across Europe and his interactive projects include examples of digital interpretations and the shaping of photography altogether. Transferring the experiences he gained through photography to cinematography, Uğur has produced numerous promotional films, music clips and experimental films. In addition, he is also involved in the post-production stages of his projects as an expert in editing, colour development and sound design. He is the founder of C41 Production which has offices in both Turkey and Germany, and continues to be a visual solution partner for many big-name brands and organisations in the fields of Photography, Film and Multimedia.

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