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What is MirrorLink and which devices are compatible?

    MirrorLink is a technology that allows communication between Marine/Car Audio-Visual receiver and smartphones devices. You can mirror the screen of your phone to easily and safely navigate, use multimedia applications on your smartphone, or answer phone calls.

    More details about MirrorLink can be found here:


    A smartphone and Marine/Car Audio-Visual equipment compatible with MirrorLink are necessary to use this application.

    Click on your model name for an overview of compatible smartphones.

    XAV-601BT   XAV-602BT   XAV-612BT

    XAV-701BT   XAV-712BT  

    XAV-741   XAV-742

    Please check the supplied operating instructions manual or contact the smartphone vendor for further details on how to establish a connection between smartphone and Car receiver.