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No sound, poor sound, or a strange noise (clicking, cracking, rattling) coming from your TV? Discover how to troubleshoot

    Strange noise can be heard


    In case your TV is in standby or playing while sound is muted, it may be that a strange noise (clicking, cracking, rattling) can be heard from time to time.


    This noise is simply the result of the mechanical contraction and expansion of certain parts inside your TV. This noise may be heard during playback, up to one hour after powering off, or when powering on the TV from the cold. Please be aware that this symptom is perfectly normal and cannot be remedied by Sony.


    No audio at all or poor audio



    In case you can hear no audio at all or the audio quality is unsatisfying, please go through below troubleshooting steps. Each of these steps separately may bring you to a solution.



    Check internal speakers (Built in in TV)

    1. To determine whether the problem is caused by the internal TV speakers and not by an external sound system, please disconnect the HDMI connection to all Audio devices.

    2. Press the Volume+ button on the BRAVIA remote commander to increase the volume control. If the regular remote commander of the TV is not reacting, please try with another remote commander that can operate the TV.

    3. Press the MUTE button on the remote commander to verify whether the sound was accidentally muted. If still no sound, press the MUTE button again to restore.

    4. If the sound is still not as desired, please reset all sound settings pressing Home >  Settings > Sound > Reset, and select your preferred sound setting.

    NOTE: For Android Oreo (OSV-O), the settings icon is located in the top right-hand corner

    5. In the [Sound] setting, make sure to set [Speakers] to [TV Speakers]. If it is set to [Audio System], sound is not output from the TV’s speakers regardless of the TV’s volume control.

    Check external speakers (Monolithic stand / Sound bar / Home Cinema System)

    1. When using external speakers and connecting via HDMI, make sure to use a High Speed HDMI cable.

    • In case no Set-Top Box is used:
      make sure the audio system is connected to the TV HDMI socket which is labelled as HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel).
    • In case a Set-Top Box is used:
      make sure to connect the external sound system to the Set-Top Box and not directly to the TV!

    2. Once the external system has been connected to the TV, the stand audio will not operate until the following setting is chosen in the TV menu: Using the TV remote control, select Options > Scroll down to Speakers > Audio System.

    Check cabling & external devices

    1. Confirm that all cables are properly inserted. If necessary, disconnect and reconnect.

    2. One of the cables may be faulty. Therefore, if possible, replace with other cables of the same type.

    3. In case an external device is used, replace this device by one you know that is working fine.

    Check whether latest software version is installed

    In case you have an outdated software version installed, some or all channels may be disturbed. Check your software version and update if necessary. For more information, refer to this article: How to perform a software update on your TV.

    Reset the TV

    As a last resort, reset the TV to its factory settings.

    IMPORTANT: Your personal settings and tuned TV channels & services will be removed and need to be restored afterwards.

    How to reset the TV to its original factory settings

    How to perform a factory reset for Sony's Android TV

    Still not found a solution? Please contact Sony via the Contact us tab on the Support website.