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What is the One Touch Remote control and how to use it.

    Below you can find a general Q&A section on the One Touch Remote. This Q&A mainly concerns itself with the RMF-ED003 One Touch Remote model.

    For more information on the RMF-TX100E, please check the following links:

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    Q&A Section


    What is the difference between the One Touch Remote and a standard Remote Control?

    The One Touch Remote has a NFC (Near Field Communication) feature and  uses Radio Frequency (RF, 2.4GHz) technology while a standard Remote Control uses the Infra Red light (IR) technology. With RF technology the remote does not need to be pointed towards to the TV except when using the power button because that does require the IR technology .

    NFC (Near Field Communication) technology allows you to use the One- Touch Mirroring feature to mirror your Xperia smartphone screen in your large TV screen.  


    Can I use both remotes (One Touch Remote and  normal Remote Control) with my TV?

    Yes, you can use both remotes with your TV.


    How many One Touch Remotes can I register with my TV? 

    You can only register one  One Touch Remote with your TV.


    Can I control more than one TV with One Touch Remote? 

    The One Touch Remote must be registered (paired) with the TV so you can control only one TV at a time.


    How can I register the One Touch Remote to my TV?

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Prepare the supplied standard Remote Control.
    2. Press the [HOME] button and select [Settings] by using the arrow buttons.
    3. Select [System Settings] by using the arrow buttons and press the + (ENTER) button.
    4. Select One Touch Remote Control Setup by using the arrow buttons and then press the + (ENTER) button.
    5. Select Register by using the arrow buttons and press the + (ENTER) button.
    6. Prepare One-Touch Remote Control.
    7. Using the One-touch Remote Control, press the Colour Key.
    8. Press the Home key for 3 seconds while keeping the Colour Key pressed.
    9. The LED will start blinking. You can now release the keys and wait until the screen changes

    Once the remote has been registered to the TV, you will be able to pair it with a compatible smart phone or tablet device for One- Touch Mirroring function .

    Note: Keep the One Touch Remote near (~1 meter) your TV during the registration procedure.


    Why don't the direction buttons work?

    If the LED in the Colour Key lits, then the direction keys are used as colour buttons such as Yellow/Red/Green/Blue. Please press the Colour Key so that the LED turns OFF. 


    Why doesn't the battery in my One Touch Remote last longer?

    Make sure your NFC compatible device is not near to your One Touch Remote. If so, your NFC device keeps communicating with the One Touch Remote , decreasing the battery life.


    Why does the LED in Colour Key turn off automatically? 

    The Colour Key and the LED turns off automatically if no buttons are pressed for 10 seconds to save battery life.


    Can I use the One Touch Remote with other Sony TV's?

    No, One Touch Remote is only compatible with models listed in the Applicable Product and Categories section for this article.


    Why does only the Power button work in the One Touch Remote?

    When the battery voltage in One Touch Remote is decreasing, the operation range comes shorter. Due to the fact that the Power button uses the IR technology, it may operate when the other function are not operating any more.


    Why does the One Touch Remote sometimes not work properly?  

    Please try the troubleshooting steps below:

    1. Do not cover the upper part of the One Touch Remote.
    2. Replace the batteries.
    3. Re-register the One Touch Remote.
    4. Do not place or move away other wireless devices near the TV and the One Touch Remote.
    5. Make sure that your TV is not placed on a metal rack (it may cause interference).


    How can I unregister the One Touch Remote?

    You can unregister the One Touch Remote in two ways:

    1. Press the Home button from the standard remote and select [System Settings] > [One Touch Remote control setup] > [Clear] > [YES] > [YES].
    2. On the One Touch Remote, simultaneously press and hold the [COLOUR KEY] + [RETURN] + [ENTER] for at least 2 seconds. When the Colour Key LED blinks, the remote is unregistered.