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Can Android Walkman play podcasts?

    The music player application does not support podcasts. However, it is possible to transfer podcasts to your Walkman using Media Go software and play them with the Play Music application.


    IMPORTANT: Sony does not support nor guarantee the reliability of applications that are not preinstalled on the Walkman.  

    Transferring podcasts to your Walkman using Media Go

    NOTE: For details on subscribing to podcasts, refer to the Media Go website.

    1. Start Media Go and connect your Walkman to your computer.

      The model name of the connected Walkman is displayed in the "Destination" field located at the bottom right of the Media Go screen when your Walkman is recognized correctly.

    2. Select the podcast that you want to transfer to your Walkman.

      Click Library - Podcasts in the navigation pane to display the list of subscribed podcasts and select the podcast that you want to transfer.


      NOTE: The selected podcast program is displayed with a blue background. To select multiple podcast programs, click the desired podcast while holding down the Ctrl key.
    3. Transfer the selected podcasts to your Walkman.
      Click the Add To button while the podcasts are selected.

      The podcasts will start transferring to your Walkman.

    4. Play the podcasts using the Play Music application.