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How do I initialise my Touchpad remote control?

    Follow the steps below to initialise your Touchpad remote:

    1. Unplug the power cord (mains lead) of the TV.
      NOTE: It is not possible to reset the remote while the TV is connected to mains/electrical socket.
    2. Remove the battery cover of the Touchpad remote.
    3. Take out the batteries and put them back in. 
    4. Press and hold the VOLUME MINUS (-) button.
    5. While holding the VOLUME MINUS (-) button, press and hold the POWER button.
    6. While holding down the VOLUME MINUS (-) and POWER buttons, press the TOUCHPAD AREA for 3 seconds.


      NOTE: Please press and hold the buttons in the sequence indicated above.  

      Once successful, the red light will slowly blink twice.
    7. Plug in the power cord (mains lead) of the TV.

    NOTE: After completing this process, you must pair the Touchpad remote control with the TV. For pairing instructions, view the following article: How do I pair my Touchpad remote to my Android TV ?