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Which HDMI terminals do support enhanced format (18Gbps)?

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Compatible HDMI terminal depends on the TV model. See the following list.

Model YearSeriesHDMI terminal which supports enhanced format (18Gbps)

AF9 & ZF9 Series
A8F_AF8 Series
XF70 Series
XF75xx_X75xxF Series
XF78xx_X78xxF Series
XF80xx Series
XF83xx_X83xxF Series
XF85xx_X85xxF_XF87xx Series
XF90xx_X90xxF Series

HDMI2/3 inputs


A1 Series
X75xxE Series
X82xxE Series
X95xxE Series
XE80xx_X80xxE_XE83xx Series
XE85xx_X85xxE Series
XE90xx_X90xxE Series
XE93xx_X93xxE_XE94xx_X94xxE Series
HDMI2/3 inputs 
2016SD85xx_S85xxD Series
X9350D Series
XD85xx_X85xxD Series
XD93xx_X93xxD_XD94xx_X94xxD Series
All HDMI inputs
W8xxD Series
W9xxD Series
Not supported
SD80xx_S80xxD Series
XD70xx_X70xxD Series
XD75xx_X75xxD Series
XD80xx_X80xxD Series
XD83xx_X83xxD Series
ZD9_Z9D Series
HDMI2/3 inputs
2015S85xxC Series
X85xxC Series
X90xxC_X91xxC Series
X93xxC_X94xxC Series
All HDMI inputs
S80xxC Series
W75xC_W80xC Series
W85xC Series
W87xC Series
W95xC_FA9xC Series
X80xxC_X81xxC Series
X83xxC Series
Not supported

For how to view 4K picture with enhanced format (18Gbps), refer to the following article:
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