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Product dimensions for XH80 Android TV model series

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    These dimensions are approximate values. Measurements are provided in millimetres (mm). 
    Some models are not available depending on your country or region. 
    For the dimensions when using the Sony Wall-Mount Bracket, refer to the Wall-Mount Bracket Installation Information on the product support website.

    Using a stand

    TV dimensions labeled A through G


    Model (XBR-, KD-, KE-)ABCDEFG
    85X80xH, 85X80xxH, 85XH80xx189910891532117471442180
    75X80xH, 75X80xxH, 75XH80xx16869681324104285414160
    65X80xH, 65X80xxH, 65XH80xx1462840112690582340135
    55X80xH, 55X80xxH, 55XH80xx124371997978280340135
    49X80xH, 49X80xxH, 49XH80xx110164655470463286113
    43X80xH, 43X80xxH, 43XH80xx97057154463063286113


    Mounting on a wall

    For product protection and safety reasons, Sony recommends that the mounting of your TV on the wall is performed by Sony dealers or licensed contractors.
    Make sure you use the specified wall-mount bracket. For details, refer to the manual for the TV.

    Note: When using the Sony wall-mount bracket, refer to the wall-mount bracket installation information for dimensions and additional information.

    TV dimensions labeled A through G


    Model (XBR-, KD-, KE-)ABCDEF
    85X80xH, 85X80xxH, 85XH80xx18991089400400750548
    75X80xH, 75X80xxH, 75XH80xx1686969300300693525
    65X80xH, 65X80xxH, 65XH80xx1462840300300581420
    55X80xH, 55X80xxH, 55XH80xx1243718300300472275
    49X80xH, 49X80xxH, 49XH80xx1101645200200451381
    43X80xH, 43X80xxH, 43XH80xx970570100200435307

    G: M6 holes for wall mount bracket
    *Refer to the instruction manual for screw length information.