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Error: 2200 appears on the TV when trying to access the network connection

    This error is displayed when you cannot connect to the Internet or the Internet communication is unstable. The error may be displayed under certain situations, such as

    • “I cannot see the Internet video services,”
    •  “while watching the Internet video services, it suddenly disappears,” etc.

    Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue.

    Each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue. Please check the network connection status after completing each step:

    1. Restart the TV or communication devices by performing the procedure below:
      1. Turn off the TV power supply.
      2. Disconnect the plug of the TV.
      3. Disconnect plugs of the router and modem.
      4. Connect the plugs of the router and modem again after 2 minutes.
      5. Connect the plug of the TV again.
      6. Turn on the TV power supply.
      7. After 5 minutes, please try to Refresh Internet Content a few times.  

    2. If you use wireless communication, there is a possibility that the communication is unstable due to radio wave interference. Try the following:

      • Turn the power of other wireless devices to off.
      • Connect the television to the router with wired LAN connection.

      If the problem is solved after performing the procedures above, it is because the communication between the television and router is unstable. Use the television by connecting it to the router with a wired connection or avoid using the television with other wireless devices simultaneously.

    3. If the software version of the television is old, the problem may improve by updating the software to the latest one. Refer to: How to perform a software update.

    4. Reset the television to the original factory settings. Refer to: How to reset the television to the original factory settings.

      NOTE: After resetting the television to factory settings, you also need to reset the wireless/wired network communication. For how to set the network settings, see below links.

      How to connect the BRAVIA TV to a network using a wired connection.  
      How to connect the BRAVIA TV to a network using a wireless connection.

    5. If the firmware of your router is old, there is a possibility that the problem will be improved by updating the version to the latest firmware.

      NOTE: For details on how to update a router, contact the router manufacturer.

    6. Change the Default Domain Name Server (DNS) to a Public DNS.
      1. Using the supplied remote, press the Home button.
      2. Select Settings.
      3. Select Network.
      4. Press the Enter button.
      5. Select Network Settings.
      6. Select Wired/Wireless Setup.
      7. Select Custom or Enter Manually.
      8. Enter the IP Address.
      9. Enter either of the following Public DNS numbers: or


    • The IP (Internet Protocol) address is provided by the router and can be located using a computer. Refer to the manual supplied with the router or contact the router manufacturer for additional information.
    • Using Public DNS can often improve Internet routing speeds and help resolve this issue. However, you may still want to write down your Default DNS for reference later.