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Getting started with your Sony α (Alpha) Camera

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Are you getting blurred images when shooting in different modes? Not sure which mode to use on your camera?
This section gets you started by learning more about the functions of your camera and guides you to take better pictures.

basic Knowledge Shooting Tips Shooting Tips

01 - Basic Knowledge
Improve your shooting techniques by learning the basics of camera like ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, etc.

02 - Shooting Tips
Step by step lesson guide to learn how to choose lenses and shooting techniques in various scenes.

03 - Content Transfer
Learn more on how to transfer pictures and videos from a camera to various devices


Frequently Asked Questions

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Shooting TipsCompatibility & Accessories

  1. Lens and Accessory Compatibility Information
  2. PlayMemories Mobile Function Compatibility
  3. Wireless Flash Guide

ImageGeneral Information

  1. What is the difference between an A-mount and an E-mount?
  2. What is the electronic front curtain shutter function?
  3. What is NFC?

Shooting TipsSettings & Adjustments

  1. How to clean the image sensor for ILCE series and NEX series?
  2. How should I clean the translucent mirror and image sensor?
  3. How should interchangeable lens cameras be stored?
  4. How to reset or initialize a camera back to original factory settings?

Shooting TipsPlayMemories Support

  1. PlayMemories Online
  2. PlayMemories Home
  3. PlayMemories Mobile
  4. PlayMemories Camera Apps

Shooting TipsErrors & Troubleshooting

  1. The entire picture looks blurry.
  2. The camera does not recognize the lens and an error message is displayed.
  3. The SteadyShot indicator blinks and an ERROR icon that looks like a hand appears.
  4. An Image Database File Error occurs.
  5. The camera does not focus using the auto focus (AF) setting.
  6. The battery does not charge.
  7. Error: REINSERT THE MEMORY CARD is displayed on the LCD screen.